Employment skills workshop helps five mums on the path to employment

Employment skills workshop helps five mums on the path to employment

News article from November 13, 2017

In July 2017, five Chaucer staff ran an employment skills workshop at one of the schools we work in. The mums attending were furthest from the job market than most, lacking in self-confidence and without the basic tools in place (email address and CV) to begin their journey to employment.

The workshop has had a hugely positive impact on the five mums who attended. We’re delighted to give you a short update on how they’ve all been getting along.

Suaad – is now in employment, working as an Arabic tutor. “The workshop was really helpful to update my CV!” Her confidence increased as a direct result of the workshop, and she had never thought about using her language skills in this way previously.

Rushiais now volunteering at the local children’s centre. The workshop helped her feel able to start looking for volunteering opportunities and having her first ever CV was a huge boost to her self-esteem. She is learning new skills, meeting new people and developing confidence as a result of volunteering.

Asmafollowing the employment skills workshop, Asma has now found a job and is employed as a cleaner.  She has been out of employment for a long time.  Having help to create her first CV meant she felt confident about applying for work and going for an interview

Mahbuba has started to look for work and was empowered by the workshop. She says she is “applying for work, with better hope.”

Mashira – has also been actively looking for work with increased confidence and self-esteem. She says “I am now confidently looking out for suitable work to fit around my school run responsibilities.”

I have noticed a real shift in how these Mum’s now project themselves; with much more assertiveness and self-belief. They believe that they can now find work which will help meet their financial needs. It’s incredible and rewarding to see how the Employment Skills Workshop with Chaucer people has brought such a positive impact on our parents. – Taslima Sultana, SHS Practitioner at Bangabandhu Primary School

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