Demand for SHS quadruples since school closures

News article from May 12, 2020

When schools closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many families risked experiencing a drop in SHS support. But this has not happened, thanks to the resilience and dedication of our teams. We are incredibly proud of our practitioners – the key worker heroes we clap for on a Thursday – who have been delivering outstanding support to families in need.

Since lockdown, 1150+ children and families are receiving ongoing personalised support from our frontline key workers. Demand for SHS support since schools closed has quadrupled. 83% of young people say the current pandemic has worsened their mental health. Safeguarding referrals to and by SHS have alarmingly increased sevenfold. 40% of the safeguarding referrals we're addressing are around domestic violence. The home learning disadvantage gap: In the first week of lockdown we identified children without access to technology at home, counting over 100 families. So we've started a pilot project providing innovative online home learning kits to prevent these children from missing vital education opportunities while schools remain closed. 700+ toys and games have been delivered to families in need across England.

Back to school?

While the news this week has been around relaxing the lockdown and a staged re-opening of schools, there remains a huge amount of uncertainty for both schools and families. We know vulnerable families will continue to need our support during this period and particularly with the transition back to school when schools do re-open. Our practitioners will continue to provide both practical and emotional support to vulnerable children and families, ensuring their safety, wellbeing, access to education and future life chances.

How are SHS families supported?

Take a closer look at the work our frontline key workers do each day for children and families in need












How you can help

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