Charlie and the Law Firm: an aspiration day at Norton Rose Fulbright

Charlie and the Law Firm: an aspiration day at Norton Rose Fulbright

News article from September 6, 2016

IMG_3869“They’re all going to be really serious and strict here, aren’t they Miss?” The conversation amongst the children and parents on the way to visit Norton Rose Fulbright law firm was full of anticipation.

Based in More London, overlooking Tower Bridge and City Hall, Norton Rose Fulbright is ideally located to host a School-Home Support aspiration session. Aspiration sessions show parents the wide variety of roles available in the corporate environment, and open children up to the possibility of a job in a city firm.

IMG_3867During the last week of school, a group of year 5 children from Maryland Primary School and their parents spent a morning at the prestigious law firm, as arranged and led by Hannah Websper, Corporate Responsibility Manager. Breaking the ice, the Norton Rose Fulbright staff started off chatting with children, prompting them to write about what they wanted to do when they grew up. A number of staff from across the business took the time to talk to the children about their jobs and what they had liked themselves at school too. A short tour of the building was next, and the glass lift (“Just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!”) was a huge hit with the children. Soon questions from the children were flying about, asking what it was like to work for the firm, and the group were amazed to learn that you can get your shoes mended and clothes dry cleaned on site! Wonderful views from the outside terrace and a lovely lunch resulted in the group from East London rounding off a fantastic morning.

IMG_3875The staff at Norton Rose Fulbright were brilliant, inspiring children, helping them feel at ease and ensuring everyone felt welcomed. They also took the time to speak to parents and indulged the children by taking them up and down in the Charlie and Chocolate Factory glass elevator.

The atmosphere on the journey back to school was really positive and animated, with the children excitedly sharing what they had learned and chatting about the people they had met.

“The lawyers taught us never to give up and to work hard!” – Kirat, aged 10.


“It was really good because it taught me to think about my future.” – Lloyd, aged 10.


“This was an amazing experience, thank you so much for IMG_3879organising it, it’s been really great to learn all about what happens in a law firm. I hope more parents can benefit from these trips.” – Dad of child aged 10.


“The lady who told us she liked Scrat [the squirrel in the film Ice Age] was really funny, she told us it’s good to be like him and never give up.” – Jannah, aged 10.

A big thank you to everyone who made this aspiration session possible.

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