Celebrating six months of SHS Champions

Celebrating six months of SHS Champions

News article from October 22, 2018

In April, we launched SHS Champions, a giving club of donors committed to changing the lives of the UK’s most disadvantaged families. Since the launch of SHS Champions, we are really pleased that the club continues to grow, enabling our practitioners to reach out to even more families and to help children to get back into school, ready to learn. Our SHS Champions have the opportunity to attend a school visit, attend SHS events, receive bespoke updates and to get a more intimate look into School-Home Support.  

SHS Champion Laura shares why she joined SHS Champions:

“I became an SHS Champion after attending an evening reception, ‘Specialising our Support’, where I heard from a practitioner and watched a video of children and young people talking about the difference SHS has made to their lives. I had been a regular donor to SHS for a couple of years but realised this was a chance for me to step up and make a bigger difference to a small charity that really does change the lives of many families for the better.


SHS demonstrates through their theory of change that the first step to improving educational equality is tackling the underlying barriers that stop children getting to school and concentrating in the classroom. What has always struck me about the work of SHS is how unique it is in terms of addressing those barriers – which are often multiple and complex – doing whatever it takes to enable a child to focus on their education.


When I hear the stories of what these families have been through, and learn that they are now in a better situation, it feels incredible to know that I have contributed to making that a reality. However, the SHS practitioners are the real champions in my eyes. I will continue to give regular financial donations to SHS because I know that there are many more families out there that need help.”

If you would like to join SHS Champions by giving a gift of £1,200 per annum for a minimum of three years, please do contact fundraising@shs.org.uk to find out how your gift will make a difference to the lives of children by removing the barriers to education.

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