Big screens and a bee hotel - an aspiration session with Liberum

Big screens and a bee hotel - an aspiration session with Liberum

News article from January 26, 2017

Liberum Capital, an investment bank in the City, welcomed an excited group of Year 5 children from Ashmount Primary School in Islington this week. Meeting with Chief Operating Officer, Tony Scawthorn, the children got a valuable insight into the world of investment banking and trading, and even heard inspiring stories about different routes into employment. The 9-10 year olds heard motivational stories of the company’s vision, hard work and determination and were impressed with Liberum being as old as they were!

Lucy, mum of Alisha, aged 9:

“I really enjoyed it and felt so privileged to go to an office like Liberum.”

The group spoke to Liberum staff about their different roles – meeting analysts, graphic designers and HR professionals – and quizzing everybody about their jobs and how they came to work at the investment bank. The children even got up close to the big screens used by traders, learning all about chart lines, with staff being happy to answer all questions from the inquisitive children. Ending the morning with a tour of the office and Liberum’s garden terrace, the excited group learned about the company’s bee hotel and bird houses, and marvelled at the view.

Olive, aged 9, said she was “really impressed and loved it.”

Mariola Reron, our SHS Practitioner, said “It was really great, the children loved it very much and were talking about the trip all the way back to school. We felt so welcomed and special, thanks to Liberum staff.”

Thank you to Liberum staff for being such great hosts and for making this trip so memorable for the whole group.

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