Aspiration sessions reach new heights with Lancashire Insurance Group

Aspiration sessions reach new heights with Lancashire Insurance Group

News article from October 20, 2016

img_4132A group of children and parents spent the morning with employees at Lancashire Insurance Group this week.  A tricky industry for ten year olds to understand, you might think, but Louise Byrne, Legal and Compliance Assistant, and Paul Russell, Marine Underwriter, had some clever ideas.

copy-of-img_4128Play money, lost mobile phone scenarios and a pretend insurance company helped the group of Year
Five children from John Stainer Primary School get to grips with the industry. It was also a great opportunity for them to visit ‘The Walkie Talkie’ building and the Sky Garden, enabling them to see London from above. It was an exciting morning for the children (and adults!), as they were able to walk inside a building that they had only previously seen on the city skyline.

Overall, it was a fantastic aspiration session. Aspiration sessions are designed to use employees’ skills and talents, introducing the idea of employment in the city to children that School-Home Support works with, and encouraging ambition. They also help children to feel less intimidated by luxurious office buildings and successful businesspeople, for when they enter the world of work themselves.

img_4134Tracy Townrow, SHS Practitioner, said:

“It was really helpful for the children to hear what their [Lancashire employees] jobs involve on a daily basis and what it is like to be working for Lancashire Group. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for answering all of the children’s and adults questions. They were extremely patient with us and gave explanations that the children could really understand.”  

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