A very special 'Market Open' at LSEG

A very special 'Market Open' at LSEG

News article from November 30, 2018

A ‘Market Open’ event is pretty exciting at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) – just ask the Year 10 students from Eastbury Secondary School in Barking! Last week, on LSEG Foundation Day, we had the honour of opening London’s stock market with young people supported by SHS. The day involved a very early start, with the children arriving at school at 6.30am ready to travel into St Paul’s ahead of the 8am Market Open. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, a crowd of people gathered on the balcony minutes before the 8am open! Eastbury’s young people certainly appreciated the chance to be involved. After receiving VIP treatment with a breakfast reception, they spent the rest of the morning at LSEG, talking to people who work there. The idea was for young people to learn about the range of jobs at LSEG and understand the pathways to employment.

“The trip was really beneficial because I learnt how to prepare myself for an interview. They also spoke to us about their careers and how they made it into the company, which was interesting. They also told us about how apprenticeships can benefit us in the future, and they talked about university as well.”
– Nataaman (aged 15)

“I found the trip to the stock exchange very interesting and left knowing more than I knew before. I did not know it would be as complicated as it was, I thought it was a lot more basic! I enjoyed opening the market and overall I found the experience extremely beneficial.”
– Zarah (aged 15)

“For me personally, it was very inspiring and motivating – and in fact very informative and useful. We learnt so much about the stock exchange and I can’t stress how amazing the experience was. As a young woman growing up, I’ve struggled to feel that sense of belonging in a workplace. But seeing so many empowering females there has really changed that. It was amazing!”
– Hafsa (aged 15)

“The workplaces were very professional and it was way more than I expected from the event itself. There were more female workers than I expected, which increased my confidence as a young woman, and it has made me consider pursuing something similar to what the London Stock Exchange Group does and offers. I learnt a lot about trading itself, and how different companies from around the world evolve, and how the London Stock Exchange Group helps them achieve it.”
– Blina (aged 15)

School-Home Support (SHS) works with some very vulnerable young people, including those at risk of gang affiliation and/or child sexual exploitation. Tackling this level of inequality is complex and challenging, but working with partners like LSEG enables us to show young people the pathways available to them in a very tangible way. Taking them into LSEG’s offices and giving them space to meet and speak to staff is a positive, practical and real experience that enables young people to envision an alternative future for themselves.

“I’m doing decently well in school, but after coming to see the market opening, I’m more determined to be more focused and get in less trouble at school. I want to be a portfolio manager.”
– Michael (aged 14)

Being involved directly with young people we support is rewarding and motivating for LSEG’s staff. Aspiration sessions enable us to involve a wide range of staff, from the CFO to early career graduates, providing a great networking opportunity for staff who might otherwise not cross paths regularly.

“It was an amazing morning, I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to help the young people who came into today. Being someone who completely understands the impact educational attainment and social barriers have had on my own life chances, I’ve felt privileged to have had the chance to spend time with young people and share my journey. I’m delighted to be working somewhere that allows me to volunteer in this way with such an amazing charity.”
– Hannah Duck Graduate Programme Associate

“It was a privilege to welcome students from Eastbury Secondary School to our Foundation Day celebrations. The aspiration session was great fun and hopefully, the insights they gained will help as they plan for their future careers. We’re looking forward to meeting some more students soon!”
– Catherine Long, LSEG UK Charity Committee, Chair

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