3,000 books and the difference made

3,000 books and the difference made

News article from March 23, 2020

This year for World Book Day, we wanted to ensure the children we support have access to the joy and benefits of reading.

Thanks to the generosity and support of ten fantastic corporate partners and their employees, over 3,000 new and used books (and £600 worth of book tokens) were delivered to 16 of our partner schools for their pupils and libraries.

Since these deliveries, we have had some fantastic feedback on the impact these books are having. 

Miss Spicer – English Lead at Maryland Primary School

“Our KS2 reading club ‘Chapter Chat’ was really excited to open the box of books. They have already chosen their favourite book to read and are distributing the books appropriate to the KS1 children for them to enjoy. It has given them a great sense of importance and ownership of the donated books that they will cherish in the months to come.”


Mr Louca – English Curriculum Manager at Camden Centre for Learning

“The Camden Centre for Learning would like to express our deep gratitude and thanks to SHS and their Corporate Partners for their kind donation of books and tokens. The importance of reading for pleasure cannot be understated and we welcome every opportunity that helps us to further build this ethos at our school. Many of our students do not have access to reading material at home and were very excited to be able to choose books that they could keep.

As schools have been closed, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have sent out books to our students, which we hope will not only keep them reading, but may offer a form of solace and escapism at this difficult time.”


Marta Tildesley – SHS Practitioner

“The children and the teachers were so excited about receiving new books for the library – when six boxes arrived they could barely believe their eyes! It is great for our families to see how we value reading and that others think it is important too. The parents were able to see the books at the World Reading Day breakfast and start reading them with their children. The new books are now available for the children to take home and enjoy which is fabulous.”



Amelia, aged 9

“I like books because they help you to learn to read.  Some books have new words to learn and have good, fun stories.”

Paige, aged 10 

 “A new Tom Gates book to add to the two we already have is great as we really enjoy them.  A joke book to make us laugh and giggle too.”

Fazal, aged 11

“I like David Walliams and his books.  They are funny and have an unexpected twist to them.  The Tom Fletcher book looks interesting and I want to read it. Thank you.”


Mr Welsh – Head Teacher at St John’s Upper Holloway Primary School

“The books and vouchers arrived at a perfect time to coincide with our World Book Day celebrations. We had a ‘Big Book Swap’ for children to bring a book in from home and swap it with another child. Many of our children from impoverished homes did not have a book to share/swap and we, therefore, allowed them to choose a book from those provided. It really did help the event to be a success for all, not just for those who could bring in a book from home.

The vouchers have also been discretely given to particular families – either those in receipt of pupil premium or those facing other challenges. Given that many of our children are now at home due to the coronavirus, it’s good to know they all have several books of their own they can enjoy.”


*names have been changed and children quoted are not pictured


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