From schools and orgs we have worked with

Nicola Percy, Head of New North Academy and Chair of Islington LSCB Education Committee

“Discovering the team at School-Home Support (SHS) has been a real revelation for us here at The New North Academy. This year we have welcomed two members of SHS to our busy and challenging school, and they are proving to be absolute assets and highly valued members of our school team. The skills and expertise they bring really enhance our offer and strengthen our work around safeguarding and working with families particularly.

As a leader of a larger than average primary school in Inner London, I have welcomed the open and professional relationships built with managers at SHS. They are always keen (and willing!) to hear my views about the service they provide and are consistently demonstrating their wish to make their work even better. At a time when expectations on school leaders seem to be increasing to an even higher high, they have certainly helped me to share out some of the most important work we do with children and maintain my confidence that the quality of that work is high, that staff are supervised and monitored, and ultimately, that I can continue my focus on providing the best opportunities and experiences I can to the children and families who attend our academy.”

Lorna Jackson, Headteacher at Maryland Primary School, on her SHS Practitioner

“We, at Maryland Primary School, have the most amazing Family Support Worker that I have ever known. Her knowledge, confidence, passion and determination is amazing. Our families lives are turned around and they are given HOPE for a brighter future.”

Julie Singleton, Parent Carer Participation Advisor, East of England and the South East

“I worked with schools across London and School-Home Support staff provide crucial support to families who are facing struggles that impact on their child’s schooling. I still recall them with affection. Many didn’t just go the extra mile, they went a whole marathon!”

Nalini Scibramaniam, Parent Governor, Oliver Thomas Nursery School and Children’s Centre

[On SHS’s Ready for School service] “This should be mandatory for all parents.”

William Yearly, Headteacher of Parkhill Junior School, Croydon

“If you invest your money in anything, I would urge you to invest in SHS”.

From an anonymous teacher to the Headteacher of Willow Bank Primary School, Thamesmead

“Today a family (who have no recourse to public funds) came into to school to meet with someone, who was taking them to ASDA to get their school uniform for the next term out of the SHS Welfare Fund. On their arrival back these children were so excited and had the most amazing smile across their faces as they now had clothes and shoes that are brand new and fitted them perfectly. These children were so happy walking out of school with their bags saying they can’t wait to come back to school. This is one reason I love working with children and what a difference we can make.”

Jayne Graham-Mensah, Tunmarsh School

“I am satisfied with the support received from School-Home Support and I appreciate the strong commitment it demonstrates towards helping families and young people who require additional help and support. Whenever I have had to make referrals to SHS, responses have always been prompt and outcomes positive.”

Jacinta Wray, Social Inclusion Worker, Langdon Academy

“Very impressed and grateful for all the support.”

Koyes Abdul-Khalique, Social Worker, Newham CYPS

“Just started working with SHS on a case and so far I have found the worker to be very thorough and professional. She has developed a strong relationship with the family who appear to be very happy with all the help and support she has been providing.”


From our supporters

Sir Harvey McGrath, Chairman of Big Society Capital and Heart of the City, and former Chairman Prudential PLC

I have supported School-Home Support for 10 years now.  I’m hugely impressed by SHS’s work that builds bridges between home and school to help children and young people make the most of their education.  Its impact on reducing persistent absenteeism and the consequent improvements in behaviour and attainment are strongly evidenced by independent research.

School-Home Support provides a compelling opportunity for private funders to invest in clear, long-term and very important benefits to young people, their families and wider society”.

Nick Harland, Deputy Clerk, The Goldsmiths’ Company

“We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with School-Home Support in a bigger way this year, which marks the 25th anniversary of our partnership. The work they do is essential – reaching families most in need of support, helping children attend school against all the odds and bridging the gap between school and home life.”

Adam Cohen, Managing Director, Blackrock

“SHS is a fantastic charity doing great and much needed work, and I hope that we at BlackRock can continue to partner with them in the future.”

Christine Kenny, Managing Director at Loomis Sayles

“We are delighted to be supporting School-Home Support and helping to raise the aspirations of children from our local community.”

Charlotte Edgeworth, Head of Community Affairs at Nomura

[On their volunteering work] The pen-pal scheme was a very interesting opportunity for staff and we were overwhelmed by the positive response. SHS delivered comprehensive guidance and support throughout and we are really excited to receive return letters and to welcome pupils to visit us.”

Kari Holtung, Pears Foundation

“Investment in core functions is essential for any organisation to be resilient, responsive and to grow. Our grant to School-Home Support is unrestricted so that they can continue to provide the best possible interventions to help children learn and thrive.”


From children and families we have supported

Patricia, a parent supported by SHS

“I can shout it all around that you should really get help from School-Home Support, it’s a brilliant thing.”

Jaheem*, a parent supported by SHS

“SHS were different, they were able to help me make the changes when other agencies couldn’t. I think it’s because I didn’t see them as against me.”

Lee and Rita*, parents supported by SHS

“We have had social services and other people involved with our family for years. Since working with SHS all other people have no stopped working with us because we have changed so much. We don’t read and write very well and didn’t really push our six children to go to school every day. Now all our children have 100% attendance and we have moved into our own council flat after 16 years of a private landlord. We are so much more confident and the next thing to do is to start thinking about work.

Everyone like us should get help from SHS. Our children are more confident, stronger youngsters than they were a year ago.”

Amy*, a child supported by SHS

“My SHS worker Ros helped boost my confidence and so I come to school more. People bullied me before, but now I can deal with it, and I know that I can talk to Ros whenever I have a worry”.

Su Fei*, parent supported by SHS

“The first time I stepped into [SHS practitioner] Mrs Whitehead’s office as a parent, I knew very little about her and she didn’t know me at all. However, I walked out of her office, feeling I had someone by my side. I didn’t feel alone anymore. I felt listened to.”

Alicia*, a parent supported by SHS

“I just wanted to start by saying how grateful the children and myself are for the help we have received from the SHS Welfare Fund. We have been truly blessed with what we have been given and thank them and yourself for working so hard for us and fighting our corner. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Saul*, a parent supported by SHS

“My practitioner helped me from a dark place to a light place. Her strength and positivity made me feel stronger. She helped me to build my relationship with my daughter; I was so lost before. She put herself out for me and I will be eternally grateful.”

Luke*, a child supported by SHS

“I am so happy that I got support, I’m changing and I’m actually enjoying school, never thought that was possible!”

Rahul*, a parent supported by SHS

“My child is a changed person, thank you for everything, I mean this when I say you have changed our lives.”

Macy*, a parent supported by SHS

“We got on well, we talked and this is why this has been the best partnership I have ever worked with. She did more for us in the first 3 months than anyone else did in 7 years.”

Bradley*, a child supported by SHS

“Thank you for your help, I have changed as a person and my behaviour has improved massively.”

Shabana*, a parent supported by SHS

“I feel great that you helped me and my family, we are so glad you came into our lives.”

Paul*, a parent supported by SHS

“I keep thinking about how I would never have been able to do these things without your help. You are fighting so hard for our rights for housing and trying to get extra support for our daughter at the same time. I don’t know what we would have done without you.”

Joseph and Bertha*, parents supported by SHS

“We cannot thank you enough for the support and encouragement you have given us all. So many good things have happened and you have taught us not to give up when things are difficult.”

Dominique*, a parent supported by SHS

“Oh My God! Thank you so much! You have been nothing but amazing. A true inspiration. Thank you for helping me stronger mother and giving me determination. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me. You have been a light to us.”

Stephanie*, a parent supported by SHS

“You’re an angel. I have never met anyone like you is so willing to help. I would never have taken this step without help.”

Carrie-Anne*, a parent supported by SHS

“When I met you, I was so low. I didn’t have the motivation to leave the house, I was seeing things, hearing things, I was angry. Now I’m so much better. I’m nicer. I take my medication and for the first time, I’m really serious about working. I hope I get something permanent soon. I’m trying so hard and that’s because you believe in me. You’re my ray of sunshine, always so bright and upbeat even when I was being horrible.”

Liam*, a child supported by SHS

“When I’m not doing nothing and keep busy I can get into trouble. I did do too, for stupid stuff. But you talked about being around the right type of people and doing good. You tried to get me to be more positive about myself and what I could do. Now I’m making better choices.”

Lisa*, a parent supported by SHS

“My son wrote me a letter to apologise for his behaviour all these years and he told me that he was sorry for everything and that he will be famous one day in music and look after me, I couldn’t stop crying. He has turned his life around.”

Deepak*, a parent supported by SHS

“My son really struggled at school. He couldn’t cope with stuff. He caused havoc at home taking out all his anger on us. Before you came along I refused to get my son assessed for SEN needs. I felt so offended! As if there was something wrong with him! You have helped me see it differently and how it can help my son get proper support at school. […] Thank you!”

Mary*, a parent supported by SHS

“Things have been very tough for many years but now they are so much better. It has been very hard to evict my eldest son because of the abuse toward me and his brother and I would not have been strong enough without you. I can now get out because you got me a mobility scooter and I have just moved into my new home adapted for my disability.”

Ricky*, a parent supported by SHS

“I appreciate all the help you have given me. I have started to think about my friends I hang around with. They used to come around with stacks of cans we would drink. When you referred me to The Drug and Alcohol Service it started to make me think about my life. They offer activities I can do them with my son like boxing and sports.”

Yasmin*, a parent supported by SHS

“I feel all the stress that has built up has completely gone since you started. Her attendance has improved so quickly since you have been here. I am beginning to have a much better relationship with my daughter and have started to see the real her again.”

Amena*, a parent supported by SHS

“I am so happy with my son now. I used to be very upset because of his behaviour at school but now I never get a bad call home. He is happy and making a lot of effort in school. You have helped keep us calm when our landlord made us homeless and fought with housing to keep us close to work and school. Your service is the best, we didn’t know there was this kind of help.”



*Names have been changed.