Research reports

We have commissioned a number of external evaluations of our services to get an independent assessment of the impact we have and the difference we make to the lives of children and families.

Institute of Education, University of London

We were involved in Unlocking Potential, an additional programme within the Every Child Counts and Every Child Reads initiatives. SHS were employed to increase the impact of these initiatives by engaging children and parents to tackle the barriers to learning.

The Institute of Education carried out research to assess whether SHS’s involvement in the initiatives increased the attainment of children and the speed in which they caught up with their peers. The study also looked at whether by working with SHS, the gains children made were sustained. The key findings of the research were:

  • There were significant changes in classroom behaviour. Teachers’ perceived that following the pilot children were more likely to complete their homework, to stay on task during the lesson and to follow routines.
  • The teachers’ perceptions indicated significant changes in the extent to how confident the children felt, how well they controlled their anger, their willingness to interact with peers and their willingness to participate in class.
  • Over 74% of parents reported that they were more engaged with their child’s learning.
  • 82% of children improved attendance where baseline attendance was less than 95% prior to their involvement with Unlocking Potential.

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Matrix Evidence

Matrix carried out an economic analysis of SHS in 2012, considering the economic impact of our work with 1,703 children who had behavioural issues in the classroom or low attendance.

The net benefits considered in this model due to School-Home Support are £14,958,718. The ratio of cost savings to cost is £11 which means that for every £1 spent on School-Home Support, £11 is saved across the whole of society.

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