How we help professionals with pastoral duties

How we help professionals with pastoral duties

This page is for anyone who works with children, young people and families, and anyone who has some level of pastoral or safeguarding responsibility, to find out how SHS can support and improve the quality of your work.

Pastoral Development Services: training and support

We’ve worked in school settings, with pupils, parents, and teachers for over 35 years.

Our vision is that every child receives the support they need to thrive and achieve. For this to be a reality, schools require staff with the skills to provide effective support to children and their families, whether that is in the form of an SHS Practitioner or their own staff.

Schools have been given a lot more responsibility for providing wider support to children and families, with increasingly complex cases to deal with. As well as being highly trained, it is important that designated staff receive appropriate support and guidance.

The SHS Pastoral Development Services are designed to provide expert support to professionals across the country. Together, we can protect the most vulnerable children and families.

Our current training offer includes CPD online learning, specialist interactive workshops, toolkits, supervision and more.

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SHS Membership

In recent years, local authorities and schools have been under increasing pressure, especially with regards to funding. Not all schools have the resources to fund a practitioner. This means that although all schools have pastoral responsibilities, these staff often don’t get the support they need to deliver the most effective interventions.

SHS Membership provides a network of free support to professionals across the country. Anyone can sign up and Members receive:

  • Free access to the SHS Forum, where members discuss issues with expert practitioners and peers
  • Regular email bulletins with safeguarding advice, news, and offers.

Members can also opt for:

  • Discounts on all SHS Pastoral Development Services
  • Access to our Annual Conference 2020

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