Early years and school transitions

Early years and school transitions

We want all children to be in school, ready to learn and to be supported effectively during of transition, whenever they occur.

Our ‘Ready For School (RFS)’ and ‘Ready For Secondary School (RFSS)’ workshops support parents to understand the importance of their child being “ready” for the next stage of their education.

For those working in schools with responsibility for transition support, our Effectively Supporting Transition workshop provides a wealth of transition strategies and activities for those responsible for supporting children in schools.

Through our practitioner services and training provision, we aim to:

  • Advocate for early intervention
  • Encourage the use of a variety of strategies
  • Engage parents to increase the capacity of all children to cope with transitions
  • Give families the positive experience of managing change
  • Develop a family’s belief in their skills to overcome adverse circumstances.


What does the programme cover?

SessionObjectives of the session
Workshop one
  • Identify types of transitions faced by families.
  • What does ready for school mean.
  • What are the different school roles and the expectations for children within the school?
  • How to address concerns.
Workshop two
  • How can parents support children to be ready for school?
  • Identify barriers to successful transitions and strategies to overcome them.
  • Explore how the home environment impacts on school transitions.
Workshop three
  • Strategies to empower parents to support the emotional and social impact of school on their children.
  • Sustaining positive relationships with families and professionals.


Impact of Ready for School

Before attending the workshops, 85% of parents who took part in our pilot said they had a low or mid-level of knowledge and confidence with regards to being prepared for their children to start at school. After attending the programme, 100% of parents said they had a mid or high level of knowledge or confidence.

We recently spoke to Regina, a mother who had completed her first Ready for Secondary School session that day. See what she had to say about the course:

Get involved

Our thanks to the following funders who supported us to pilot our Ready for School workshop:

hi_big_e_min_pinkRichard Reeve’s Foundation
Allen & Overy
Hornsey Parochial Charities
Aston Mansfield
Clifford Chance
Awards for All



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