Kemba’s Story

Case study from October 8, 2021

Kemba’s Story 

Kemba is a mum, supporting her 13-year-old daughter who has SEN needs and her 10 and 7-year-old sons. Kemba has always worked and was very proud of this, however, after fleeing an abusive relationship and moving to London from Manchester, she was forced to ask for help when she was made redundant due to COVID-19. 

How did School-Home Support Help, Kemba

Kemba was worried about money, housing and joblessness. She lacked an understanding of the UK benefits system. School-Home Support put measures in place to ensure rent payments were mediated and the family are now fully supported with rent payments. 

Kemba has an indefinite right to remain in the UK since moving from the Republic of Congo. With support from Amanda, her School-Home Support Practitioner, she was able to apply for Universal Credit. During the six week wait for the Universal Credit, Kemba expressed she had no money left to be able to buy any food. School-Home Support Practitioners referred her to the Enfield Food Bank service. They arranged for 3 weekly deliveries to be delivered to her house, as well as adding the family to a local referral system in Haringey where Kemba was able to collect meals from points across the borough if in need of extra. 

Online Learning during Lockdown

Alongside all this help for Kemba, our Practitioner provided support to her children to ensure they carried on learning during lockdown. School-Home Support provided the children with tablets to be able to carry out home learning as well as provide internet support to the family.  In addition, School-Home Support organised and referred the family to a local cancer support group after the family found out Kemba’s mother has cancer and they cannot fly back due to money and COVID-19 restrictions.

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