Jakub's story

Case study from September 8, 2023

16 year old Jakub was feeling disengaged from his learning and was lacking the motivation to prioritise his education. His attendance had fallen to 63%. Working with School-Home Support practitioner Zoe, Jakub developed aspirations for his future which helped him reconnect with school, knowing he had something to work towards.

What was the situation?

Jakub is 16 and lives with his mum and two siblings. He lives 3.5 miles away from his school, which means he has to take two buses to travel there every day. When Jakub was referred to School-Home Support his attendance was just 64.3%, meaning he was missing around one-third of school. 

Jakub didn’t have a good relationship with the school – he wouldn’t follow their behaviour policy, was defiant towards school staff, and when he was given detention he would refuse to attend. He was at risk of disengaging with school entirely.

How did School-Home Support help?

Jakub was referred to School-Home Support Practitioner Zoe, who began to meet with Jakub regularly to better understand why he was struggling to attend school. Jakub wanted to move schools to cut down his journey, so Zoe helped him to apply for an In Year Transfer to a school closer to his home. Unfortunately, the other school didn’t have any places, but just by helping Jakub to explore this option Zoe was able to gain his trust and show him that she was there to help.

With a trusting relationship now in place, Zoe and Jakub discussed his future aspirations and what he would need to do to achieve them. With Zoe’s support, Jakub decided to go to college to learn a trade. They explored the difference in wages for different jobs, and this helped to give Jakub the motivation to re-engage with his education so that he could get the grades he needed for his future plans.

Zoe also taught Jakub the importance of good sleeping habits, such as going to bed earlier and limiting his use of screens before bed, helping him to get up on time in the morning feeling ready to learn.

Zoe also worked with Jakub’s mum to develop parenting techniques to get him into school everyday, including implementing consequences for when Jakub missed too much school.

After two school terms of support, Jakub’s attendance increased from 64% to 73% and he is continuing to benefit from Zoe’s support. He has completed his college application for a joinery course, and he has become much more engaged with school. Jakub’s teachers have also reported a reduction in behaviour incidents and disruptions in lessons. 

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