Helping Lamar stay engaged at school

Case study from June 4, 2021

How we helped Lamar stay engaged at school

At risk of disengaging with school, Lamar built a strong relationship with his School-Home Support Practitioner Sam, which enabled him to improve his attendance and enjoy his time back in school.

Lamar was becoming increasingly disengaged with school

Lamar was finding his learning at school challenging and was increasingly becoming distracted and disruptive in class. 

The risk of Lamar becoming disengaged with school was heightened by the COVID-19 outbreak when his mum, concerned about transmission, decided not to send Lamar into school at the start of term. 

How did School-Home Support help Lamar stay engaged at school?

Spending time with his Practitioner Sam, and with support from an educational psychologist, Lamar began returning to school for two to three mornings a week. This enabled Lamar to gradually progress towards spending more time in class alongside his peers. 

Now that Lamar knows there are adults that are there to support and listen to him, he is enjoying his time back in school and his attendance has greatly improved.

Lamar’s Mum also feels more confident about him being back in school, knowing that he is in a safe and trusting environment with access to the support that he needs. She said: “Lamar has really enjoyed meeting and spending time with you, Sam. Thank you for your help.”

Help children like Lamar stay engaged at school 

For children and young people at risk of becoming disengaged with school, the work of School-Home Support Practitioners could not be more vital. Support our work today to enable us to reach more children and get them back into school, ready to learn.

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