Dyna's story

Dyna's story

Case study from November 16, 2016

Dyna was struggling when she met her SHS Practitioner, Collette. She and her son Jared were renting a single room together, their immigration status had not been sorted, they had barely any clothes and no furniture, and neither had heard from Jared’s father in ten years. Dyna was very depressed, and couldn’t see a way out of their situation.

Collette began helping Dyna by signposting her to immigration and social services. Once her status was secure, she and Jared were moved into a furnished, one bedroom flat. Collette used the SHS Welfare Fund to purchase the family adequate clothing for school and the cold weather, and referred Dyna to a counselling service. Finally, she got in contact with Jared’s father and got him to speak to his son – an achievement many had tried unsuccessfully to accomplish. Jared now sees his father regularly, and the family are much happier.

Watch this video to hear Dyna’s story in her own words.


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