Curtis' story

Curtis' story

Case study from November 15, 2019

Curtis felt like an outsider at the school he rarely attended. He was disruptive and abusive towards staff and pupils. Curtis felt alone until SHS Practitioner Sarah saw through his behaviour and understood that a lack of self-esteem was at the root of the problem – especially since Curtis had moved school three times since Year 7. They discussed what Curtis would like in an ideal world, which led him to a vocational training course in a small group. With Sarah’s support, he agreed to try and turn his life around. His confidence grew.

“You’re really nice and understand Curtis, can we not just deal with you? Because I always know where I’m at.” – Curtis’ Dad

Curtis tried boxing sessions, specifically open to SHS young people and paid for through the SHS Welfare Fund. He noticed a few faces from school and began socialising with them. In high spirits, he said he will definitely be coming again. Sarah continues to support Curtis, developing his confidence and positive decision-making.

“I can’t believe my eyes, is that you Curtis? I don’t know how you have done it but you must be a miracle worker.” – School Attendance Officer when Curtis attended three days in a row after months of school absence


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*Not pictured, names have been changed.

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