SHS Diversity Statement

At SHS, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are central to our vision that ‘every child has the support they need to thrive and achieve’. We are committed to creating a diverse workforce that is representative of the communities we support, and an inclusive culture where all our staff can thrive and reach their full potential. 

We have identified five key objectives which we would like to focus on over the next three years. 

1. Further embed EDI into our policies, processes and communications 

We will be reviewing all of our policies, processes and communications at SHS to ensure they reflect our EDI values and are in line with current best practice. EDI training will be further developed and best practice and guidance shared with all staff.

2. Strengthen the diversity of our Board of Trustees

We will be actively monitoring board diversity with a specific intent to ensure we attract and recruit more applicants from a wider range of backgrounds. 

3. Recruit and retain a diversity of talent across all levels of the organisation  

We plan to review our recruitment and selection processes and career progression routes to allow us to increase representation at all levels of seniority. 

4. Ensure that we are meeting the diverse needs of our service users and that our services are accessible to all 

We will be actively monitoring who is using our services, the quality of support they are receiving and outcomes across the various communities that we work with, to ensure that we are meeting the diverse needs of our beneficiaries and that our services are accessible to everyone. We will also be improving our feedback mechanisms and incorporating user voice into our strategic planning, business development and reflective practices. 

5. Improve employee engagement and wellbeing through inclusive diversity practices   

We will be consulting with all staff and volunteers to understand how we can create a more inclusive work environment.

Key achievements so far include: 

  • We have signed up to the ACEVO and Institute of Fundraising’s diversity leadership principles, indicating that we want to work towards making changes to address the diversity deficit in charity leadership. 
  • We have appointed a Project Manager who will be responsible for developing and overseeing the delivery of the EDI action plan. 
  • We have set up an EDI working group representing all of the teams and regions that SHS operates in, that will be responsible for driving forward improvements across the organisation, including at a senior and trustee level. 
  • We have begun recruiting trustees using diversity specific recruitment sources.

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