Our regional teams

In this new era of school responsibility for ‘Early Help’, it’s essential that we can supply schools with specialist support. To ensure we do this effectively, the line management for our SHS practitioners has a focus on defined areas of expertise.


Donna Rose – Targeted Support Coordinator, Blackpool

With over thirty years’ experience of working within Blackpool and Lancashire authorities, Donna has a vast understanding of the town and surrounding areas in specific relation to strengthening and supporting families. Donna’s background includes working within children’s social care and education. Her previous role was based in a primary school where the role mainly entailed safeguarding and mental health; working as part of the school’s senior leadership team.


Emma Darby – Schools Coordinator North

Emma’s role is to support and grow the SHS profile in the north of England and manage teams of SHS Practitioners in Bradford and Manchester. With over 20 years’ experience working in the Charity and Education sectors, Emma’s background includes working closely with schools as a Relationship Manager as well as creating and delivering training to schools for a Leading Examination Board. She held the role of team leader (Manchester) in a children’s charity which provided literacy interventions for children aged 3 to 16.  Her most recent appointment was with Manchester Metropolitan University at the Centre for Youth Studies, where she facilitated research in this area.


Jameela Gidden – Schools Coordinator, Parental Engagement

With a background in youth offending work, Jameela understands the impact that parental engagement can have on a child’s education and life chances. She believes families are the foundation of supporting children and young people and is dedicated to developing resources to support parents and their range of needs. In addition to her role, Jameela volunteers as a community panel member to reduce the level of offending by children and young people aged 10-17.


Kim Steward – Schools Coordinator, Economic Well Being

Kim has worked as an SHS practitioner in Newham, an area with many deprived families, for the past six years. Prior to that, she spent eleven years working for Real Life Parenting, a charity in Newham that supports parents of disabled children. There, she set up and ran support groups across the borough, fundraising for and organising family holidays, school holiday care, play schemes, and much more.



Nicola Williams – Regional Family Intervention Manager

Nicola’s role is to increase the impact SHS has on children and families in England’s northern regions, as well as manage the team of SHS practitioners there. She previously worked for a charity offering literacy interventions to children aged 3-16, having spent many years working with other organisations offering various support to nurseries, schools and sixth form colleges. Nicola has also mentored underprivileged teenage girls in Manchester and volunteered as a co-elected school governor for four years.


Richard Asomaning – Coordinator (South)

Richard’s role is to support and grow the SHS profile in the south of England and manage the team of SHS practitioners in Croydon. Richard’s background is supporting vulnerable children and young people across London and has a degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology at Middlesex University.



Sarah Jane Harris – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sarah is the Designated Safeguarding Lead at SHS. Sarah is a qualified Social Worker with over 30 years of experience supporting young people and their families in a variety of settings. Her role includes ensuring we have sound safeguarding practices across the organisation. She is passionate about developing opportunities for young people and their families which focus on improving outcomes for children through a whole family approach.