SHS Membership

SHS Membership

Solve your early help dilemma with SHS Membership!

Schools have been given a lot more responsibility for providing wider support to children and families, with increasingly complex cases to deal with. As well as being highly trained, it is important that designated staff receive appropriate support and guidance.

SHS’s vision is that every child receives the support they need to thrive and achieve. For this to be a reality, we want to extend the reach of our 30+ years’ expertise to school staff who have responsibility for the wellbeing of children and families.

This is why we have developed SHS Membership, a new scheme to provide professional support to staff across the country. Together, we can protect the most vulnerable children and families.

Membership Knowledge Suite (see below) is free to all schools who currently have an SHS Practitioner.

Membership has been designed to allow you to choose which elements of the offer would be most beneficial to you, your school and your staff.

What can SHS Membership include?
Individual Supervision
Level 3 Working with Parents (City & Guilds accredited course)
Keeping Children Safe in Education Toolkit (includes City & Guilds accredited course)
Knowledge Suite
SHS Case Manager
SHS Case Manager Training
Case File Audit
Safeguarding Audit
Workshop in your school. Options include: Maximising Parental Engagement, Increasing Attendance and Effectively Managing Transitions
Group Supervision
How much does it cost?
Prices vary and are available upon request. However, the standard package (everything above in bold) is offered at a discounted rate of £4,850 £4,000 per year.*

*Recommended standard package offers a discount from the individual total cost.


Comprises of ten 1.5 hour sessions per year. Provides a dedicated space for reflecting on case work and developing better understanding and skills of professional practice. Supervision also allows staff the space to explore emotions brought up by their work and to receive case direction.

£1,700 per annum (discount available if you employ an SHS Practitioner)

Level 3 Working with Parents

Comprises of up to ten days of classroom training with remote assessment. This is the industry standard qualification for those working with families, with the overall responsibility of improving outcomes with attendance, attainment and behaviour for young people.  The course is designed to equip learners with the essential knowledge and skills to enable them to work effectively with parents, helping them to understand their parenting role and to meet children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs.

£1,500 per annum (discount available if you employ an SHS Practitioner)

Keeping Children Safe in Education Toolkit 

Included in the toolkit is Level 2 Safeguarding training (City & Guilds accredited) for up to five staff members; this is recommended particularly for your senior leadership team and designated safeguarding lead. Also included are a variety of policies and templates to enable you to comply with keeping children safe in education. 

£500 per annum (discount available if you employ an SHS Practitioner)

Knowledge Suite 

Offers online learning modules on a variety of topics including Child Sexual Exploitation, Fuel Poverty, and Autism Awareness, to name a few. Also included are downloadable best practice resources to support the work along, with a forum to gain support and advice from colleagues in the field. This is provided for up to 5 staff members of your choosing.

£400 per annum (discount available if you employ an SHS Practitioner)

SHS Case Manager 

A comprehensive case management system for recording and collating all activity with children and families, enabling you keep track of actions and identify any trends with cases and individual families. It also features a reporting function that provides invaluable data during Ofsted inspections. Access is available to up to 3 members of your staff.

£750 per annum (discount available if you employ an SHS Practitioner)

SHS Case Manager Training

This consists of two half days of on-site training for 3 chosen staff members. The first session includes basic data input and understanding the basics of the system. Session two will provide a more indepth understanding of linking families and making the most use of the system.

£400 per annum

Case File Audit 

This includes an audit of the recording method and details within your school. You will be provided with a RAG rated audit outcome, with recommendations for any areas that require improvement.

£500 per annum

Safeguarding Audit 

This is an independent safeguarding audit which will include reviewing recording and case files, as well as a review of policies and discussions with the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Lead Governor for Safeguarding, along with other key staff. The audit has been designed to record a comprehensive list of issues and evidence, providing you with feedback on how well you are embedding safeguarding across your school. The final report will detail the evidence of how you meet your statutory responsibilities and provide you with a detailed review and action plan. This will include discussions with key staff and governors.

£1,800 per annum (discount available if you employ an SHS Practitioner)


These one day workshops are designed to increase awareness and provide practical tools to support staff across your school.  The workshops are solution-focused and pick up on three important topics for schools. Current workshops available are: Maximising Parental Engagement, Increasing Attendance and Effectively Managing Transitions.

£1,000 per workshop

Group Supervision 

This is largely led by the needs of the group and can include case discussion and direction, identifying training needs, managing workloads, improving productivity, supporting changes, and managing stress levels. It is often an invaluable space to allow staff to come together and discuss issues that are often get lost in the everyday needs of their roles.

£2,000 per annum


Get SHS Membership for your staff now by emailing our Membership Manager, Maggie Mitchell, or calling 020 7426 5013. You can also fill out our form here and we will be in touch as soon as possible.